If you’ve been diagnosed with Coeliac disease this is the first port of call for finding information on your illness. It’s also a great place to go to if you think you or someone you know may have Coeliac disease. The Coeliac Society are a not-for-profit organisation who help those diagnosed with Coeliac, or medically required to be on a gluten free diet for other reasons.

The team at Gluten Free Grocer are dedicated to providing the gluten free community with advice, help and encouragement with the day to day challenges, of managing a gluten free lifestyle. Their goal is to provide more healthy, affordable gluten free options, which are free of additives, preservatives, refined ingredients and artificial sugars.

The Gluten Free Grocer only sells products that are made in a totally gluten free kitchen, or products that have been tested to FSANZ standards for NZ and Australia, and the codex international standard. Both of these standards are considered safe for coeliacs.

Allergy NZ are a great charity organisation to aid people dealing with a range of allergies – from gluten and wheat through to antibiotics and latex. They are a membership based, not-for-profit society providing information, education and support to many Kiwi’s affected by allergies.

This is a great place to go for product reviews and recipes. It’s also a forum where you can ask questions or help people out with information or ideas.

If you are looking for simple gluten free recipes that aren’t full of weird impossible-to-find ingredients, then this is the place to go. Just pop ‘gluten free recipes’ into the search field to get started. There are some great articles on gluten free living as well. Well worth checking out.

Jim is a nutritionist and chef based in West Auckland and offers information, tips and recipes through his website. If you’re just keen on the recipes, check out his blog:

If you just click on Gluten Free in the ‘Recipe Type’ box it will bring up a list of more than 50 easy gluten free recipes created in New Zealand for New Zealand families.